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Student housing

Price point is as follows: 

Not including cleaning fees

$950.00/month (master bedroom)

$850.00/month (private room + private bath)

$800.00/month (private room + shared bath) 

Note: Prices are subject to change in the upcoming new year.



There are seven rooms available for students which include their own bathroom. They're all spacious and bright with a generous amount of storage space to store your things. 

Shared Spaces

There are two kitchens; each including a stove and fridge. Also, leaving plenty of storage and space to cook. There's a designated work-out room, a large living room with a fireplace and TV. 


All students will have full access to the washer and dryer. As well as, internet and a parking space. Dishes, bedding and towels are accommodated. There is also access to the B.C. Helicopter's work truck for errands and driving to the hangar. Meals are not included. 

Preference will be given to students in order of course duration:

CPL + Night + MTN (122hrs)

CPL (100hrs)

PPL (50hrs)

Conversions & Time Builds etc. 

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