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60 Hour Alternate Category Commercial Course
Fixed Wing Pilot                        Helicopter Pilot

If you already hold a commercial fixed-wing pilot's license and would like to convert to a commercial helicopter license you can do so in 60 hours of flight time.

Train within three months and be a licensed helicopter pilot with our extensive training and knowledgeable instructors. 

40 hours of Ground School

37 hours of Dual Flight Training

& 23 hours of Pilot in Command

Must hold a valid Aviation Class One Medical.


Costs & Pricing

Guimbal Cabri G2 @

Minimum Total Time 
60 Hours 

Min Dual Time - 37 Hours
Min Solo Time - 23 Hours

= $42,000.00
Additional Fees:
Exams $1,803.00
Registration  & Licensing $405.00
Ground School $1,850.00
Pilot Supplies $105.00
= $4,163.00

Total Cost:
$ 46,163.00CAD
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