Guimbal Cabri G2 amazing glacier ice

Commercial Pilot License

Your ticket to work in the Helicopter Industry!

Within 4 Months we take you from zero to career ready with your commercial pilot license. Start with us without any pre- knowledge. We guarantee you will have some of the best moments in your life. 

Cabri G2 Mt Baker

Private Pilot License

The easiest way to fly helicopters on a recreational basis!

Enjoy helicopter flying with your friends and family. Experience incredible views and the versatility of destinations that only a helicopter brings. 

Mountain Course

Learn advanced mountain flying with us!

Our BC Forestry approved mountain course is well known in the industry and some companies will require that you have it. The training you receive will make you a better and safer pilot when flying in the mountains and will teach you how to deal with many of the dangers associated with mountain flying.

Cabri G2 in the BC mountains
Most sold helicopter in North America R44 and the first Cabri in Canada


Improve your ability!

Helicopter Type Rating

· Cabri G2

· Robinson R44

· Robinson R66

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Cabri G2 water and ice

International Experience

Extend your horizon and fly in Europe!

We partnered up with Pheonix Helicopters located in Fareham UK and Blackbushe Airport right outside of London. Phoenix Helicopters is UK's favourite helicopter training providers. They offer a wide range of flight training in the Cabri G2, R22 and R44. Fine tune your skills and get to know the European Flying Culture.