BC helicopter flight training

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Commercial Pilot License

Your ticket to work in the Helicopter Industry!

The commercial pilot license (CPL) allows you to fly professionally. A CPL involves more advanced knowledge, skill and experience compared to a private pilot. The CPL is restricted to daylight flying only unless a night rating is obtained. 

Private Pilot License

The easiest way to fly helicopters recreationally!

Enjoy helicopter flying with your friends and family. A private pilot license (PPL) is used particularly for hobby flying. PPL pilot's cannot profit from the transport of goods or passengers. The pilot must own their own helicopter and can only fly a maximum of three passengers. 


Additional Training

Include endorsements and other ratings on your license!

BC Helicopters offers helicopter-type ratings such as night ratings, instructor ratings, endorsements on the RH44 or Bell 206 (coming soon). We also have a course dedicated strictly to advanced mountain flying. Looking to obtain your instructor rating? Or more training in longlining? We can help you with that, too.


Looking to Convert your License?

Looking to convert your foreign license to a Canadian license?

BC Helicopters is able to help with meeting Transport Canada's requirements when converting your license. Each foreign license conversion is managed on a case-to-case basis, let us help you in taking care of those details.


If you're looking to recreationally fly in Canada, we can also help you in validating your foreign license.