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Thor Survival
Adam Ice Cave Jan class
Adam 2 Ice Decent
Adam 1
Adam glacier
Nav tour Fall 2019
Survival Fall class 2019
Survival 2
Survival 1
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Survival Ice cave fall 2019

Survival Course 101

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For the last 3 years we have worked solely with Adam Palmer of Running Bear expeditions to create a unique heli based survival course for our CPL students;

Adam has created a 2 part class to help everyone learn some basic wilderness skills, terrain reading and gear knowledge, so that in the event they find themselves stuck in a backcountry situation they know how to thrive and survive.

A little about Adam and running bear....

Underwater EGRESS


In partnership with Pro-Aviation the leaders in underwater safety

Pro Aviation Safety Training offers underwater egress training that provides participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to survive a real-life escape situation.

Their courses use both classroom and simulated in-water training to prepare our students to escape their equipment in water.

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NAV CAN- Tower Tour

The amazing Nav Canada crew who keep everything running smoothly at CYXX are super gracious and informative, they let each one of our classes come thru for a tour and question session.

This is very unique peek behind the scenes, and an opportunity to ask all the things you ever wanted to know about the inner working of Airport Operations.