General Information

We face the challenge of creating the best possible balance between a big investment and a unique and efficient flight training experience.

This "All-In-One" commercial pilot license course is our answer. The advantages are obvious to us. Flight Training on a daily basis yields the steepest learning curve and gives you confidence in flying the helicopter.  Because we keep our classes small we can guarantee a unique one on one training experience. Furthermore we have in house maintenance which gives you the opportunity to see the helicopter inside out. (((In our family run flight school you learn everything from scratch - beyond just flight training.))) It's a good tool for your future career to know what is necessary around a helicopter operation. When you have completed this 4 month course you are ready to start working in the helicopter industry.


We fly the  Cabri Guimbal G2, Robinson R44 and Robinson R66. The Cabri G2 is the safest and most modern training helicopter on the market and at $ 550/hr definitively the most reasonable helicopter. The 90/5/5 blend of hours allows you to minimize cost while flying safely and adding an endorsement on the most sold helicopter in North America, the Robinson R44.  This will probably be the aircraft you will start working on in the future.  As the Robinson R66 is pretty similar to the R44 in flight characteristics you can get a turbine endorsement in the most efficient way too. Yes, all in one course.


Our highest priority. Learn more about our efforts to operate our company as safely as possible.  We do not compromise safety.